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Daily Test Calls
Since October 2005, we have been installing systems to the European Standard EN50131/PD6662. One of the requirements of this standard is that systems with DigiCom Remote Signaling must be programmed to transmit a daily test call to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). This facility monitors the integrity of the DigiCom system so that if this test call is not received for any reason, our ARC will inform us the next working day and we are then able to investigate and rectify the problem. Without this facility in place, such faults might remain undiscovered until the next service visit by our engineer, which could be as long as 11 months in some cases.

If your system was installed prior to October 2005 it will be to BS4737, which was the standard in force at that time. The daily test call facility was not required under that standard so was probably not enabled on your system, although your equipment should be capable of doing this with a minor programming change.

In our opinion, the enabling of the daily test call facility would provide you with greater security and ensure that if there is a problem with your remote signaling, prompt action will be taken thus minimising your risk. In view of this, we strongly recommend that you have this facility enabled, which could be done easily at your next routine service visit. Please contact us to arrange this enquiries@abfands.co.uk.


Security Alarms Tunbridge

What will it cost?

If we do the work as part of your next routine service visit, we will be pleased to do this free-of-charge, so the only cost to you will be for the ongoing calls on your telephone bill. Each test call will incur a minimum call charge for a “Non-Geographical” 0871 number. Non-Geographic numbering allows our ARC to seamlessly transfer signaling from one of their centres to another, which provides our customers with true dual redundancy in the event of an attack or site failure and ensures that no matter what happens; your alarm signals will always get through. Call charges to 0871 numbers will vary depending on the call package you have with your service provider, but we understand that BT currently charge approximately 13p per call. Allowing for some additional calls for testing during routine servicing and the occasional alarm signal, etc. we would expect the total cost to be approximately £50.00 per year for Domestic Systems and approximately £100 per year for Commercial Systems. The difference is due to the additional signals that are required with commercial systems. This is intended for guidance only and you should check actual costs with your service provider.

Security Alarms Tunbridge
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